The Unforeseen Consequences of Warm Weather on Flat Roofs

As a homeowner, it is important to maintain the various aspects of your Phoenix residential roofing, particularly if your home has an area of flat roof. These tend to be more susceptible to damages due to the material they are crafted with, and must be inspected more often than the rest of your Phoenix tile roofing or Phoenix shingle roofing. Warm weather in particular is something that can potentially have negative effects on your flat roof, so here are some things every Phoenix roofing contractor wants you to know about dealing with a flat roof in a hot climate.

Flat Roof


Temperature fluctuations have a huge impact on flat roofs. The blistering heat of the afternoon sun combined with the chilly nighttime temperatures cause the material on your flat roof to expand and contract. While this is a completely normal cycle of life for every object, it is a problem for flat roofs, especially those made with felt or bitumen. The continual cycle of expanding and contracting can easily cause little cracks that allow water to begin penetrating the roof and pooling underneath the top layer. While this is obviously an issue, it can be avoided for a longer period of time by using breathable PVC material for the initial Phoenix new roof installation when the home is first built.


Once water and condensation begin to penetrate the roof, it begins to gather and pool underneath the first layer. Once the hot afternoon sun hits those spots of moisture, the felt will begin to be lifted from the roof in a blister-type fashion. If you can catch these blisters quickly with routine roof inspections, you can easily get a Phoenix roof repair done on the damaged areas. However, the longer you wait to make repairs, the bigger the blisters will become, eventually leading to an expensive Phoenix re-roofing project to replace the entire thing.


With the cracks and moisture seepage caused by temperature fluctuations, mold and fungus can easily begin to grow inside your flat roof. While these are obviously health hazards, the other issue is that the flashing will become damaged. This leads to further leaks, further damages, and further mold or fungus growth. Damaged flashing also encourages poor drainage, which of course just leads to more and bigger problems. Once mold sets in, the best thing you can do for your roof is to immediately find a reputable Phoenix roofing company near you to assess the damages and provide a quote for a whole new roof installation.

Arizona Native Roofing has been in business for over 15 years, serving Phoenix and the surrounding areas with excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Our reliable Phoenix roofing company has plenty of experience in roof repairs and replacements, and can offer tips for your routine roof inspections as well. If you are concerned with some questionable areas on your flat roof, do not hesitate to call Arizona Native Roofing. We will make time to quickly assess your roof and provide an estimate for repairs to help increase the durability and longevity of your flat roof.

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