5 Unknown Details of Tile Roofing

Tile is an excellent choice for your Arizona roof. It is beautiful while also being long-lasting and offering superior protection for your home or business. The benefits of tile roofing are well-known, which is why you’ll see many homes and businesses in Arizona with tile roofs. Yet despite knowing how much better a tile roof is than some other roofing types, many property owners still don’t know enough to properly care for these roofs.

Here are five unknown details about tile roofing that can help you make better choices to protect your property:

5 Unknown Details of Tile Roofing

It Needs Proper Support

Many people think of the tile itself as the most important component of a tile roof. The tile is the thick and durable part that provides the insulation and the protection, after all. However, without the proper support, the tile itself can’t offer the full potential protection of which it is capable. Low-quality underlayment can degrade quickly, lowering the insulating properties of the roof and creating weaknesses for water and pests to penetrate the roof.

If you are looking at investing in a new tile roof in Phoenix, make sure you ask the contractor about the type of underlayment to be used. If you have a tile roof and have been experiencing problems with leaks or with high energy costs, ask a roofing contractor to take a look at the underlayment and find out if it might be the culprit.

Nail Quality Matters

To the untrained eye, a nail might look like a nail. Some might seem bigger than others, but that’s where the differences might seem to end. However, to a roofing contractor, there are vast differences between nails that will influence their durability and their performance. If the wrong nails are used to install or repair your tile roof, you will experience a lot of problems, including frequent repairs and a shorter life span.

Again, if you are looking at getting a new tile roof or need to make repairs to your current roof, make sure you are asking about the type of nails that are going to be used. Nails that will support the weight of the tile and will last a long time should be used.

Tile Matching is Tricky

You can’t expect that when you need to repair your tile roof, it will be as easy as the contractor heading to the supply warehouse and grabbing a few replacement tiles. The tile used on your roof may no longer be available – especially if the roof is nearing the end of its life span. The roofer may not even be able to find another tile that exactly matches the color or the style of the tile currently on your roof.

When you get a new roof, it’s always best to ask your roofing contractor for plenty of extra tiles to keep on hand in case you need them for a repair. If you moved into a house that didn’t come with the extra tile, or you ran out of extra tile from your last roof installation, just prepare yourself for an inexact match if you need repairs.

Repairs May be More Extensive than You Think

Some people think that if a few tiles break or come loose, the most they’re looking at paying for is a few new tiles. Unfortunately, repairs to tile roofs are usually more extensive than most people think. In addition to replacing the tiles (which may be hard to match exactly, as mentioned), the roofer may need to replace the underlayment, flashing, ventilation materials, or even supporting beams or sheets of wood. The contractor will need to inspect the area to find out how far the damage has spread and will then replace all the components.

Experienced Contractors Do More than Repair Tile

A great contractor is going to do a lot more than fix your tile roof or perform routine maintenance. A good roofer will inspect your roof thoroughly and let you know if you can expect to have any issues any time soon. An experienced contractor will predict problems. For example, your roofer might notice that your tile is looking a little worse for wear and will let you know that leaks might be coming, or that your underlayment is starting to degrade and may need to be replaced soon.

Getting this kind of information can help you make decisions for your roof before you are dealing with a catastrophe. You’ll end up saving money and a whole lot of aggravation.

Knowing this kind of information about tile roofing can help you make better decisions for your property. You’ll be able to make a better choice for your roofing contractor, and you’ll be able to make a better choice for your roofing materials and repairs.

The Phoenix roofing contractors at Arizona Native Roofing can help you choose the right tile roofing and install it with quality and durability in mind. Contact Arizona Native Roofing to find out more!


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