5 Things to Anticipate during Your Roof Inspection

You need to get your roof inspected at least once a year, but a lot of people put off this important job either because they want to save money or because they aren’t sure what it will entail. They may feel like calling a roofer to their home means they will get pressured into making repairs they don’t need. The reality is that getting that annual inspection will actually save you a lot of money by extending the life of your roof and preventing big damages to your roof and home, and that a reputable and experienced roofer will recommend only what your roof actually needs.

If you aren’t scheduling the inspection because you are a bit unclear about the process and that intimidates you, educating yourself can make the process much easier. Here are five things you can expect to happen during your roof inspection:


Attic Inspection

Before your roofer ever climbs up on your house, he is going to go into your attic space. It’s important to look at the inside of the roof to check for signs of damage, such as dark spots or mold that could indicate a leak, patches of sunlight that indicate a hole, a pest infestation, or rotting wood. It’s possible that the underside of the roof could be damaged while the exterior of the roof still looks fine. If that interior damage is not discovered and repaired, it could lead to damages to the exterior also.

While your roofer is inside your attic, he will also check out the insulation and ventilation. Both can influence the health and performance of the roof, so your roofer may make recommendations to replace or upgrade the insulation or the ventilation to protect the roof.

Roof Inspection

The meat of your roofing inspection will involve the roofer looking around the exterior of your roof. Specifically, your roofer will look for missing or damaged shingles or tiles, loose materials, damage to the flashing around the vents, and the condition of the chimney, among other things. Your roofer will look for soft spots on the roof, discoloration, and any other signs that there might be damage or pending problems with the roof.

Gutter Inspection

You may not think of your gutters as part of your roof, but they are integral components. While performing the inspection, your roofer will check out the gutters. Your roofer will check the condition of the gutters to ensure that they are properly funneling water away from the roof. If the gutters are clogged or are not draining for another reason, they can send water back up to the roof, causing extensive damage.

Your roofer will also check the gutters for signs of granules from the shingles, which could indicate that they are deteriorating and need attention.


If your roofer finds anything during the inspection that needs attention, he will write it up and provide you an estimate. You may need simple maintenance, or you may need a repair. Your roofer will note all work that is recommended and will help you understand what is a priority and what can be delayed.

Your roofer will discuss all of these issues when handing you the estimate and will answer any questions you may have.

Sales Document

You may get a roofing inspection in preparation for selling your home or during a home inspection for a home you are buying or when selling your own home. In these cases, the roofer will provide a document that will give an overview of what damage is present, what repairs need to be made, and an estimated cost for making those repairs. This document will be provided to both the buyer and seller.

It is essential that you get regular roof inspections to keep your property safe and healthy. You just can’t see what’s happening with your roof on a regular basis, and you could have a lot of problems brewing and not even know it. Getting an inspection from a reputable roofing contractor can help you stay abreast of problems and make repairs quickly so that the damage does not spread. A roof inspection is a simple process, and you can expect a straight-forward and friendly interaction with a professional roofer.

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