Selecting Your Roof

Scottsdale Arizona Roofing CompanyNo more than 650 lbs of roofing may be applied to a residential home without an engineering analysis performed by a professional engineer. 3-tab shingles weigh 210lbs per sq and you can have up to 2 layers of these types of shingles.

Roof slopes must be greater than 2/12 slope to allow 36″ strip shingles such as 3-tabs, or dimensional. Roofs with a 2/12, to 4/12 do require an additional layer of roofing felt, or a layer of ice, and water shield under them to prevent driving rain that may get under the shingles. We install drip edge on all shingle roofs unless the owner specifies otherwise.

Choosing the best roofing material involves considering the beauty, practicality, and affordability of roofing materials that are available to homeowners. People in Arizona have several choices from which to choose. Each choice can satisfy a homeowner’s needs and desires for his or her new roof. To make your roofing selection, visit our roofing page.