Subtle Clues that You May Need Roof Repairs

5 Subtle Signs of Roof Damage

You may not always know it when there is a problem with your roof. You may look at the roof and not see any obvious signs of wear and tear. So you might think that everything is ok, but in reality, you could have a serious leak that is spreading damage throughout your home. Or you could have issues that are undermining the energy efficiency of your roof and costing you more in energy bills.

You need to be alert to the subtle signs that there may be a problem with your roof so that you can get a Mesa roofing contractor to make the needed roof repair as soon as possible and protect your roof. Here are some of the signs that your roof may be compromised:

Subtle Clues that You May Need Roof Repairs

Stains on the Walls or Ceiling

If you have a leak in your roof, one of the first things you may notice is discoloration on the ceiling or walls. The water will create marks on the ceiling or walls before it saturates enough to come through these barriers. You might notice yellow or brown marks, or you might notice what looks like a dried water mark.

If you see any discoloration at all on your ceiling or walls, call a roofing contractor in Mesa to check things out. You may have a small leak that is building up damage.

Strange Odors

A hidden leak may not make itself known visibly, but you will certainly know it’s there by the smell. You may smell a musty odor that could indicate the presence of water or of mold or mildew. The smell could be caused by a leak elsewhere, such as a plumbing leak. But it could also be caused by a roofing leak.

The only way to know for sure what is causing the strange odor is to call in a professional to investigate. Make sure you get a Phoenix roofing contractor to inspect your roof for any signs of trouble.

Roof is Leaking Causing Puddles Inside

Of course, as the damage on your roof progresses, you may get water coming through your ceiling and leave puddles on your floor. Look around to be sure that the water wasn’t caused by something else, like a spill or a nearby leak. Then call a roofing contractor to check out your roof.

Be alert to puddles outside your home also. If your gutters aren’t working properly, you can get puddles near your foundation. Improperly working gutters can also cause problems with your roof. Call a Phoenix roofing company to get to the bottom of it.

Mold or Algae on the Roof

Mold or algae can form on your roof for a lot of reasons. They can appear because your roof is shaded and is retaining moisture. Or they can appear because your roofing material is breaking down and water is getting inside. The development of mold and algae can also contribute to greater breakdown of your roofing material, leading to damage.

Don’t just clean your roof if you notice mold or algae. Call a roofing company in Phoenix to get an inspection.

Loose Roof Shingles or Roof Flashing

Shingles, tiles, or flashing can break down over time, causing them to become loose. They can also be blown loose by heavy winds, or they can be knocked loose by a branch falling onto the roof. Loose shingles, tiles, or flashing will leave your roof vulnerable to water damage, which can lead to other materials failing and causing a cascade of damage.

Get a regular roofing inspection to check for loose roofing materials, and call a Phoenix roofing contractor if you notice any loose materials yourself.
Be alert to these and other signs that your roof may be at risk so you can make the needed roof repair as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will leave your roof vulnerable to additional damage, which can cost you thousands in repairs to your roof and your home. Your home will also suffer reduced energy efficiency, and will be at risk of pest infestation.

Call AZ Native Roofing if you have noticed any signs of trouble with your roof and think you may need roof repair. We perform roof inspections and roof repair for all types of roofing, including shingle roofing and tile roofing. We can also perform re-roofing or a new roof installation if you need one. We have been in business in Phoenix for over 15 years, and we have earned a top reputation for our excellent service and high-quality workmanship. Call Arizona Native Roofing in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation with a roofing contractor.


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