Roof Knowledge That Can Save Your Arizona Home From Flooding

The roof’s job is to keep the weather out of your home. When it rains it is supposed to keep you dry. The age of your roof can be a factor if it is old and not up to date on its maintenance, therefore is not able to keep the rain out. Sometimes the roof may not show signs of wear or damage and may look great, but it is still possible to find water seeping inside. In order to stop that from happening it is crucial to know how water is able to move inside and outside. This can help direct your attention on what to look for in order to stop flooding issues before they start. If for any reason you see a problem with your Arizona roof then contact the experts in roof repair in Sun City at Arizona Native Roofing.

roof knowledge save home from flooding

What happens most when roofs leak is the placement of the flashing in roof valleys and roof penetrations. A flashing is peices of sheet metal that are braided into the shingles. These shingles act as a barrier to areas that regular shingles may not be able to reach. These spots include skylights, vents, and right against the chimney. Sometimes the flashing is improperly installed and this would allow water to leak under the metal and into the attic. Shingles and flashing has gaps in it, and if these grow large enough water may be able to run through the area and into the main rooms of a home during large storms. If you are able to detect small leaks, then replacing the flashing would prevent further water damage.

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Missing or damaged shingles can also be a key source for flooding. The overall consensus of the roofing industry and manfacturers is that homeowners have their local Arizona roofer visually inspect their roofs at least once every two years. But in between inspections, homeowners should still pay attention to the state of their roof and be easily able to spot missing or damaged shingles. If your shingles do end up missing it kind of equates to what means a big hole in your roof. It would be a bad time for a rainstorm as it would take only minutes for water to soak through the structural wood of the roof. This would flood the living quarters of the home.

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It would be beneficial to inspect the gutter system around your home. If the system was damaged it could lead to flooding. It is the gutters job to move water away from the foundation of the home. If for any reason the gutters failed to do their job the water would fall from the roof and soak into the foundation. Eventually water would end up pooling in the basement. It would not matter if the basement was waterproofed, enough rain could possibly be enough to overtake the drains. Water damage is no joke, so many people have to pay for major repairs to their roofs AND their homes. For all of these reasons it is why homeowner should make the decision to have trained experts to maintain their roofs, no matter what condition it would appear to be.

Finally, just a quick recap of what can cause leaks in your home during a heavy rain. Remember to contact Arizona Native Roofing for all of your roofing questions.

  • repairing leaking roofSkylights can be something beautiful in your homes but they also are vulnerable to leaks. No matter how well they are installed, it is still an area that needs to be checked for leaks.
  • Sometimes a chimney can leak inside the chimney but mostly it is the flashing around it on the roof that needs to be checked. Poorly installed shingles will definitely cause leaks.
  • Metal roofs can be very strong and can withstand the elements. But older metal roofs can have corrosion which may cause leaks.
  • Poor ventilation is crucial for your roof. In hot attics it is easy for water to form, and thereby leak.
  • Improper roof maintenance is the most common and avoidable problem for roof leaks. When your roof is unmaintained the roof erodes and sooner or later a leak will occur.

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