4 Reasons That Your Roof is Failing & How to Remedy the Problem

New roof installations in Glendale are quite the financial investment, so it is important to take steps to ensure they do not fail. Nobody wants to put the time and effort into a Glendale roof repair or Glendale re-roofing project just to have it start leaking or deteriorating in a short period of time. Here we offer four different reasons your roof may be failing, and ways to remedy the issue.



Proper ventilation is huge when it comes Glendale residential roofing. Whether you have tile roofing or shingle roofing in Glendale, it is vital that you have a reliable ventilation system to stabilize and regulate the inside temperature of your home. Not only will this help minimize expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations (which can lead to roof damage), but it will also help your utility bills remain more consistent. Without good ventilation, heat and moisture can build up inside your attic, ultimately leading to mold and mildew growth.


Correct installation of a roof can make all the difference. If a roof is installed improperly right from the start, it will lead to a ongoing problems in the future. Because of this, it is vital to hire a roofing contractor who has excellent reviews from previous clients, plenty of expertise, and good communication.

We know that finding a reputable roofing contractor in Glendale can be challenging. While you want someone with affordable pricing, it is equally important to choose a Glendale roofing company that is trustworthy, reliable, and experienced. Arizona Native Roofing exemplifies all these qualities, and more. Our exceptional work has been highly rated by past customers, and our goal is to do the job correctly, every time.


Having correctly installed flashing is key to preventing water damage on roofs. Flashing is simply pieces of aluminum or steel used over joints or connections on roofing to keep water from seeping through into the attic. It is highly durable and will perform much better than caulk or other sealant in leak-prone areas. However, flashing does zero good if it is wrongly installed. This is yet another reason it is so important to choose a roofing company that has knowledge and skill in the roofing industry.


While low costs are appealing during a roofing project, remember that low-cost materials typically mean low-quality as well. Consider that this is one area it may not be worth it to cut back in the budget. The higher quality materials you use, the more durable your roof is likely to be. Making the initial investment into high-quality products can save you from a lot of financial headache down the road. Discuss with your contractor where the materials they use are sourced from, and ask about their longevity.

While roofs can fail for any number of reasons, these are a few of the common ones. If you want a roof that lasts, consider hiring Arizona Native Roofing. We do high-quality work at affordable prices, and have over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. Every customer is treated with integrity and respect. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project! We look forward to meeting your roofing needs.

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